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War of Blood - Chapter 5
Chapter 5-
Dimitri was there and waiting in his armor. His cat-like ears twitched and his tail swayed beneath his large predator wings. He was extending and retracting the claws of his paws, waiting to be annoyed.
"Hello love." Yuri strode through the dark and under the streetlamp. He wore his corset over his armor, as usual, even that irritated Dimitri.
"Hello." Dimitri stated with a slight growl. "You're three minutes late."
"Point being, sweetheart?"
"You should be at your post on time. Now, let's just get this over with."
"Over with? Why? We have all night, and we're doomed to be partners until Reina says otherwise."
"I am aware of that. But if I think about it as one night at a time, the less I want to commit suicide."
Yuri laughed, throwing an arm around Dimitri easily. When the other Daywalker twitched away from him, he smiled inwardly. Dimitri glared at him and began walking their post.
"You have a nice ass." Yuri stated, watching Dimitri stalk away.
"You h
:icondrowkat:DrowKat 1 14
War of Blood- Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Syric showed Claire the entirety of the House; it was dinner time by the time they were done.
"Wow!" Claire had repeated again and again, "It's so lovely here!"
"You get used to it after awhile." He frowned. "It's not fun when you're stuck here."
She grinned, "I'll stay in a state of amazement for now, if you don't mind. What's for dinner?"
He laughed a little. "I don't know. Let's go check on Yuri. Maybe he has something for us."
"Okay. He's a good cook." she laughed, following Syric as he walked quickly down the hall. They got to Yuri's room and knocked on the door.
"Come in!" Yuri called. Syric opened the door and walked inside followed by Claire.
"Hello love." Yuri hugged Syric tightly -remembering his promise to Reina.
"Ah... hi." Syric hugged Yuri a little and then tried to pull away. Yuri though kept hugging him for a bit.
"Evening, Claire." Yuri grinned at the human over Syric's shoulder.
"Hello Yuri."
"You know... I still enjoy breathing." Syric gasped a
:icondrowkat:DrowKat 1 13
War of Blood- Chapter 3
Chapter 3
"Oh Claaaaiiire." Yuri knocked lightly on the wooden door before nudging it open with his foot. He was wearing a white apron with frilly lace along the edges and carrying a tray for Claire's breakfast.
"Mmm?" Claire yawned and sat up, stretching. Her eyes widened as she saw Yuri's apron and she stifled a giggle. He was in full Human form now, but he was no doubt the Daywalker that patrolled the area around her house.
Yuri closed the door with his hip and sang, drawing out the word, "Breakfaaast!"
"What time is it?"
Yuri waved off her question as he put the tray on the bed beside her. "Morning time. Did you sleep in those clothes last night? Didn't Syric show you your closet?"
"No... I was tired anyways." She smoothed out her wrinkled clothes with her palms.
Yuri shook his head, absently twirling some lace at the corner of his apron, "Ah well. You want to get changed?"
The Daywalker strode over to the large closet, sorting through the various clothes and dresses in it be
:icondrowkat:DrowKat 1 37
War of Blood- Chapter 2
Chapter 2-
Syric continued to lead the girl through the empty, dark streets. He didn't talk much because he was thinking about what will happen to this Human now. He was sure that his mother would want to turn her, which was a horrid injustice to him. No one deserves to be turned into anything against his or her own will. He looked over at her. She was scared and sad for the loss of her family, but she still clung tightly to his hand. What surprised him most about her was the fact that she only brought a small sack of belongings. For such an upper-class girl, he thought she would take much more but she didn't.
"Where are we going?" Her soft voice made Syric startle with the breaking of the silence.
"Your new home. You'll be safe there."
"Won't I be a Daywalker then?" She looked anxious, "I've heard rumors..."
"I will make sure you will not be turned. It is not a pleasant experience." He sighed and remembered back to when he was turned, and the total agony that bite brought. Clair
:icondrowkat:DrowKat 1 11
War of Blood- Ch 1
Chapter 1-
The sun was casting a red glow across the sky as it slowly descended. The city was almost completely empty, closing and shutting up business and homes for the night. Few walked the streets and children were gathered and rushed home by their worried mothers. Night wasn't safe for anyone. But a man did walk the street, his brown suit simple. His shoe's soles hard and echoing his steps down the empty paved street. His brown hair hung in his face as he stared at the cobblestones as he walked. He was tall, slim, and everything about him seemed serious and lonely.
The last rays of sun were beginning to fade and the sky became a dark purple that faded to a black, star-filled sky. He stood near a house, obviously a richer family of status, probably a wealthy merchant. He sighed and brought his eyes, their color that of a rain-fresh, spring sky, to the house. The window's shutters were locked tight, made of a black metal. It was a gray-bricked home with carved wooden eves. Ther
:icondrowkat:DrowKat 2 26
War of Blood - Prologue
The shrill and inhuman shrieks echoed through the city. People hid in their homes, locked-down and cowering in the darkness. Attempting to forget the screams and pretend they didn't exist. However, they did exist and as much as the people tried to ignore them and forget like they have for centuries. The death was hard to forget. Children cried in their beds, their parents with them.
"Mommy... what are they?" A little girl asked as she snuggled next to her mother. The girl's cheeks were pink and stained with warm tears.
"Nothing, baby. Nothing." The girl's mother stared out the board covered window. She knew what was happening and she knew it was more than just imagination. The Immortal Ones were at war with themselves.
The mother thought back to the stories and her childhood dreams about them. They were the protectors of Humans, guardians blessed by the Gods. They were gifted with spirits of the earth, sky and water and brought enlightenment and peace.
They were like angels She
:icondrowkat:DrowKat 1 22
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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello to you, whoever's reading this! My name is Uri...well, it's not, but that's what you may call me.

I'm a graphic design/illustration student, although my main passion actually lies in writing; drawing is my violon d'ingres, as it were. However, I hope to make a career from both my writing and my drawing when I'm finished with college. So yes, fingers crossed and all that...

My main influences comes from within my own mind and where my imagination takes me, as well as what my "muses" dictate. Inspiration also comes from history (including alternate histories), literature, music, mythology, curios that I like to collect and other artists.
I love originality and intriguing concepts, the beautiful side of darkness and well thought out characters.

I won't bitch or whine if you fave without commenting. And, despite how formal or stuffy I may sound, I am relatively easy to get along with.

Hope you enjoy what you see! :heart:

Current Residence: In Bed, at home, on Anglesey
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything
MP3 player of choice: iPod...clearly!
Favourite cartoon character: Misery (Ruby Gloom)
Personal Quote: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

...Hello, DA? Long time, eh?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 7:14 PM
  • Listening to: Breaking Benjamin
  • Reading: Alice in Wonderland
  • Watching: Noooothing...
  • Playing: Fable III
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: Cherry cola
Ummm...yes, hello! ^^;

I think...

I think I might be coming back to DA!!!

After over a year's disappearance, mostly thanks to college taking up a huge chunk of my time, I think I'm quite ready to re-integrate myself into this community. Maybe. I've missed you all - the conversations, the amazing artwork and writing! :hug: And I want to continue all that again (providing some/most haven't upped sticks.).

So, yeah! How is everyone?

I'm not too sure when I'll start showing my work here, however. Despite having been to art college and having just done my first exhibition, I seem to have lost my confidence in showing what I produce - and because of having spent all that time doing assignments, I've not really had that much time in doing my own stuff or drawing my own characters, so I feel like my ability in doing that has dropped somewhat. Oops, I know! Soooo...on that front, please stay with me while I work up the courage to put things up in my gallery again. ^^;

...And, wow, DA has changed somewhat since I was last here.

But, never mind that! I'm quite excited to be back here!




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